Four4 Presents: Anomie // Jake Walker // Disquette 83

Hey all, Four4 is back for another installment. This time we present to you something with a more soulful tinge. The date is May 9th – starting at 8:30pm at RAD Bar, Wollongong. Ticket availability will be released soon.

Anomie (aka Sofie Loizou)

It’s no wonder many confuse Anomie and Sofie Loizou for being two completely different producers/DJs, so prolific are both. In music scenes dominated by testosterone and male bravado, Anomie (aka Sofie Loizou) has worked hard to become a serious force to be reckoned with. Bringing together beautifully nuanced electronics with forward-thinking dancefloor sensibilities and a polished live presence that’s impressed the likes of The Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, Low End Theory, Teebs, Jeremiah Jae and Theo Parrish.

Jake Walker

Wollongong-based DJ/producer with a penchant for house, techno and juke/footwork.

Disquette 83 (sax, synths, discs)

Dark deep cuts for the dance floor enthusiast only. Disquette 83 create catastrophic builds, implement live instrumentation and raw samples in their performances. The result is an uncompromising delivery of music across a variety of genres for the dance floor. At home in a small dark club or a large warehouse prepare to party.

Who and What? Disquette 83 is a two part collaboration between Aaron Hull and Mark Havryliv. Both have strong connections to underground music in Australia as performers and promoters.